Background strives to make every trip the perfect trip for their 400 million worldwide users, provides services in 21 different languages for accommodation reservations, transportation ticketing, packages tours, as well as corporate travel managements for their diverse audiences across 21 different countries and regions. Providing the highest standard of service is extremely important to, which is why they ensure everything from their customer service to their in-app user experience are the most user-friendly on the market.

The Challenge: expected a blooming business growth but standing out globally against the big labels can be challenging. don’t only need to reach users who are willing to install an app, but also are interested in travelling and booking their flight or hotel through the app.

The Solution:

AdTiming is an ideal partner equipped with a global background, leading in-app inventory coverage, and one-stop solution. To do this, we use a combination of selecting the right channels, and selecting the right tools to reach specific audiences, such as lookalike audiences.

The Results

Conversion rate (CVR)


In app retargeting sales


Cost per order (CPO)


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