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AdTiming consists of a team of people passionate about mobile marketing. With wide ranging expertise in app development, programming, and advertisements, the team came together to enable developers and advertisers to achieve their growth targets.

We value individual growth as the key driving force in our people development. We see it as the source of creativity that keeps strengthening the team. We offer job opportunities with overseas opportunities and huge room for growth. We are always on the lookout for international talents who are interested in mobility marketing.

Current Openings

  • Associate Partner Manager - Supply Beijing, China

    If you are a sale & pitch guy, this is the perfect job for you. Get connect with developers and publishers around the world.

    1) Expand and Grow Mobile App Developer Clients, establish SDK or API work.
    2) Completely understand our company’s advertising products and services, help App developers troubleshoot and solve issues.
    3) Improve on established work processes, absorb industry experiences and innovate change for current forms of mobile advertising.

    1) Familiar with the critical marketing processes of mobile app/games in China or Overseas. Relevant connections are an asset.
    2) Familiar with 3rd party monetization platform/channels such as Baidu, 360, Facebook, Admob, etc.
    3) Responsible, able to deal with stress, take initiative, keen with numbers.

    How to Apply:
    Please email your CV to with the subject heading referring to the job title.

  • Operations Specialist Beijing, China

    As an operations specialist, you are expected to be an active communicator with account manager. Optimize the efficiency of ad spending from the advertisers meanwhile maximizing developer’s revenue.

    1) Responsible for advertorial products’ creation and optimizing support.
    2) Responsible for overseas advertorial data collection and analytics.
    3) Periodic plans for posting and optimization, support technical maintain and communications with clients.

    1) 1-2 years of Internet advertising or relating to Internet operations, minimally bachelor’s degree.
    2) Established ability to learn quickly, Strong communicator, Team work and team spirit, coordination ability.
    3) Able to deal with stress, keen with numbers, strong data analysis ability.

    How to Apply:
    Please email your CV to with the subject heading referring to the job title.

  • Overseas Business Manager Beijing, China

    Strong communication skill is a must. Your working environment requires that you must has a global view, with in-depth comprehension of cross-border communications. Connect with advertisers around the world and maximize their ROI.

    1) Keep track of market and industry data, expand and develop client partnerships.
    2) Filter target clients, sync with client needs, coordinate in-house resources, keep track of results and realize sales target.

    1) Full mastery of at least 1 non-mandarin language.
    2) Minimally bachelor’s degree, with at least two years of Internet or mobile Internet advertising/marketing experience. Fully understand the Internet and mobile Internet industry’s uniqueness.
    3) Experience with advertising, apps, game, finance industries’ resources and work experience are an asset.

    How to Apply:
    Please email your CV to with the subject heading referring to the job title.

  • Traffic Operations Specialist Beijing, China

    1) Responsible for the company’s advertising media operations optimization.
    2) Responsible for SDK, monetization operations optimization.
    3) Periodic summary reports, establish optimization plans, support external department’s operational needs.

    1) Minimally bachelor’s degree, at least 1 year work experience in advertising platforms. SDK operation optimizing experience is an asset.
    2) Strong communication skills, teamwork and team spirit, strong coordination ability.
    3) Keen with numbers, strong data analysis ability.

    How to Apply:
    Please email your CV to with the subject heading referring to the job title.

Open Applications

We are always looking for exceptional talents to join us. If there are currently no open positions listed that you feel an affinity for, do send us an open application. We will review your resume and see if there is a fit. We hope to hear from you!

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